Dear Soldier

Today, May 8, was Mother’s day. I know you wanted to be home with mom as bad as she wanted you to be there. But, though you were not able to be there in body, your spirit was felt everywhere. As she counted down the days toward this most honored of days, friends and family members all individually, or collectively set about making plans to help make her day as pleasant as possible. She was given a nice card and some flowers and/or candy.

Everyone made a dish and took it to her house for a nice cookout. Needless to say she was surprised. You could tell that as much as possible, she enjoyed herself. The weather was beautiful. Not too hot or cold, very little humidity. No bugs! Everyone made a pact ahead of time, no politics or discussions that will spoil the mood for mom!

We had a little bit of everything. Potato salad, regular salad, slaw. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, fried fish, and steak. All were cooked to order on the grill. It was delicious! We made sure there were drinks for everyone, from caffeine free diet drinks for those with special diets to your brothers favorite bottled water. Of course there were assorted chips and dip and other snack foods. To top it all off, delicious pastries. All mom’s favorites.

As we began to eat dessert, we all told our favorite funny childhood stories and escapades. Of course you know that sooner or later your name would come up. But we all kept it hopeful and positive. By the time you get home stories of your adventures of childhood will be infamous. I hope you didn’t want any of them kept secret!

You could tell that at times mom was a little pensive. But she kept her spirits up. We all did. As the day came to an end we all said a silent prayer for your safe return and wished you were here in more than spirit.


~ by devildog6771 on May 9, 2005.

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