Against all Odds, Success in Iraq!

The terrorists and insurgents in Iraq must be getting desperate. To date now, 1,601 American and 1,780 total coalition forces have died. An estimated 2,000 + Iraqi military and Iraqi police have died with an estimated 25,000 Iraqi citizens.

But the of late the number of attacks has increased dramatically. There is also in increase in the number of multiple, “coordinated” attacks. But, there has also been an increase in the number of terrorists captured by the Coalition and Iraqi forces with the help of Iraqi citizens who are beginning to get fed up with the terrorists killing innocent Iraqi, especially women and children.

This has led to the capture of key leaders in the insurgency who have in turn “given up” their own members. This has led to the capture of some very high level members of the terrorists organization. Also many weapons caches have been captured and destroyed. The capture of these leaders and other terrorists also provided some much needed intelligence data about up coming assassinations.

Though the media and other critics of the US and coalition forces would like to paint the picture that Iraq’s Democracy and new leaders will fail, it would appear that the opposite is happening. In reading the blogs of our troops and Iraqi citizens, it appears most of the provinces are peaceful and beginning a gradual rebuilding. While a few provinces are unstable as the Iraqi and Coalition forces continue their successful routing of the terrorists.

Their efforts are succeeding. They are capturing key figures. Destroying their weapons caches. Successfully gathering intel from the captured hi level figures and on the premises of the terrorists buildings and camps of operations. Within weeks or days of attacks they are capturing the terrorists responsible. Where as in the past this was not possible. This, again, is also due to the help of the Iraqi citizenry!!

Great work on the part of the coalition and Iraqi forces and the local Iraqi police! You have shown the terrorists and the whole world what is possible with hard work a will to be free from “all” tyranny!


~ by devildog6771 on May 9, 2005.

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