A Letter to Michael!

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to write you a little letter to tell you about your Mom’s day. As you know today, May 8, 2005, was Mother’s Day! Pxxx and I decided to do a cookout for Gram and your mom. Of course we didn’t know if either would come because they both still feel your loss and mourn for you daily. We all do.

But we determined to do everything we could to give her a little happiness on this special day even though you can no longer be with her. We got her special cards from all of us like the one’s you used to give her. You know the one’s I mean. They spoke of a our love for her from the heart. She seemed surprised and a little sad. But, I also think she appreciated what we did.

We had been getting everything we needed for several days as we planned the meal. We decided to cookout at Pxxx’s. Remember how Gram used to say she wanted us all to get together and have a fish fry. Well, that’s what we did. We thought this was best because we knew how much your mom likes fish too.

They also had a sale on steaks at the supermarket, so I also bought a bunch of steaks and we got hamburgers for those who wanted burgers.

Well, they both decided on Saturday that they would come. Your mom said she wanted to make the deviled eggs and baked beans. Gram wanted to do the coleslaw and bring some fish. Your mom also brought a Carrot cake and a Cheese cake. Dxxxxx and Rxxxxx got a bucket of ice cream and some A&W root beer for floats. I made a regular salad and potato salad. And, I made corn on the cob. Pxxx got some fish too and he manned the grill. He also spent two days cleaning house, Ha! Ha!

We invited everyone, Pxx and her husband, Pxxxxxx, Pxxx’s girls, and xxxxx and your kids. Pxxxxxx came. Pxx was already committed elsewhere. xxxxx also had other plans. But, she brought the girls by to see your mom this morning before they came to Paul’s. They gave her cards they picked out for her. She really enjoyed their visit.

By the time they got to Pxxx’s house , Pxxx had cooked the fish he had. Then he cooked the fish gram brought. It smelled so good. I had just finished the potato salad and regular salad so your mom did her deviled eggs. She already cooked the baked beans.

While Pxxx cooked all the meat and fish we sat around and talked. Gram checked out the flower beds with Dxxxxx, and your mom and the rest of us did the yakking. Pxxx’s girls never did get there but just as the last steaks were finishing up and the picnic table all set up, Pxxxxxx walked in and sat down joining in on the chatter.

Then we all started filling up our plates. I decided to have a little bit of everything. Your mom and gram had fish and surprisingly your mom had a small steak. We ate all the deviled eggs and steaks. Naturally everyone but me had the baked beans . And, we all ate the salads and slaw. Of course Pxxx, Pxxxxxx and Rxxxxx all ate like the “Last Supper.” We put a pretty good dent in the fish and I tried to sneak a hamburger to give to Pxxx’s dog but he caught me as I was giving him the burger. I dropped it on the ground quick before he could stop me. Your mom slipped me the burger while Rxxxxx side tracked him.

Everyone got a laugh out of that. Then the bean jokes started. You remember how it always was when Pxxx and Pxxxxxx get together. Well, they didn’t disappoint us today either. Then Pxxx got out his stupid “Road Kill Cookbook.” They had us all, including your mom, laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.

When the meal was done we sat around and talked and joked some more. We told favorite tales about dad and you. But it wasn’t sad tales. It was all the good times. All the fun things we all did. I kept expecting you to join in and say something, but then I caught myself and remembered you would never be able to do so again. But as I watched everyone tell their tales, laugh at the jokes, I felt you there with us all. It was like you were watching over us all to make sure everyone was ok.

We did not talk about politics or the war. Nor did we talk about how you died. We just wanted to make sure your mom had this day with us all there to share it with her so she could think about you and remember the good times. Mike, I think she had a good time. She was sad at times. So was gram and the rest of us. But this was their day, your mom and gram. I think you would have been proud of us because we all really did make it a good day for them. But deep down inside , we all knew it would never be the same for your mom or any of us. I love you Mike and I miss you!

~ by devildog6771 on May 9, 2005.

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