Three soldiers who could really use some extra TLC right now!!

I go to many soldiers blogs. I love reading them all. But two have really touched my heart of late. The third soldier I learned about at a blog I visit often.

1.]American Soldier has been injured seriously and as many of you already know, he needs some major surgery. Well, bad luck never seems to just hit once. Now AS is having another very serious crisis. His two [2] year old daughter is seriously ill and in the hospital. The military being the military, they wouldn’t allow him additional time to be there with his daughter during the make or break portion of his daughter’s crisis because the Military doctors his CO talked to didn’t think it was a big deal.

I know first hand that his daughter’s illness is extremely serious. Now his wife will have to be there alone with this crisis and she will be worried about AS because she can’t go to be with him during his surgery until their daughter is recovered. Please offer your prayers to American Soldier, his daughter, and family. Please go to his blog at “American Soldier” and offer your support.American Soldier’s blog is at:

2.] Red2Alpha at “This is your war” is another great blogger. If you want to know what is going on in Iraq and how it feels to be in war, his site is great. His accounts are breath taking. Recently his unit has been under a lot of stress. He is in a pretty bad area. He and his wife just lost a friend to suicide in the States! He is having a very rough time of it right now! Please go to his site at, “This is Your War,” and offer him your support.His url is:

I am sure that all the positive comments and support already there have helped greatly. So if more people post there to suppport them in their time of need we can help them both. They certainly need a little extra TLC right now. So again, please go to their blogs and drop a comment of support!! Thanks in advanced.

3.] I learned about Sgt Ferguson from:

at “365 and a Wake-up.” It is a great blog. Recently his unit lost a man and had another critically wounded. The wounded man, Sgt. Ferguson is in the hospital in ICU. So far he is holding his own. But his injuries are extremely severe.

Also, Major Kay in the same unit as “365 and A Wakeup,” got an update on Sgt. Ferguson, the troop I was just telling you about that was critically injured. His wife has sent a letter to thank and update people who knew him. Major K also put an address so people can send him cards and donations for a trust fund for the Sgt. His recovery will be very long, painful, and expensive. Please read the letter and consider helping any way you can. Now here is Sgt Ferguson’s wife’s letter as posted by Major K:

The latest on SGT Ferguson from his wife, Athena:

James is staying stable. He is still in ICU and under high sedation. It is not a chemical induced coma though he is very sedated. He is still responsive to pain and his pupils remain reactive to light. He ran a fever most of the day but the doctors did not give him Tylenol since they are trying to make his body work for itself. His body finally responded by itself this evening and I was elated. He is also coughing and that is also good the doctors are telling me. It is going to be a long road but he is strong and I know he’ll get to the end successfully.

Please tell the people that were with my husband at the time of the explosion how much I appreciate their heroism and responding so quickly. I only hope someday I can personally tell them how much I appreciate them and being the reason my husband came home to me. Thank you.

I also want to thank everyone else that were there in Baghdad and helped with his initial treatment and fast evacuation to Lanshtul. I also hope I meet all of you and can personally thank you for allowing me to still have a life with my husband and our daughter still have her dad.

Please stay safe offer there. You are all heroes so don’t “try” to be one. Stay safe and come home to your families.

Loving my soldier
Surviving results of

If anyone is interested in supporting the Fergusons by donating to the trust fund here is the information as given to me:

SGT James Matthew Ferguson Trust Fund
c/o Washington Mutual Bank
325 East F. Street, Suite A
Oakdlae, CA 95361

Cards and Letters can be sent to:

SGT James Matthew Ferguson Family
P.O. Box 1111
Oakdale, CA 95361


Major K has a great blog at:

Go check out his blog!

Thanks on behalf of all three [3] in advance!


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