What is true Courage?

What is true courage? Well, if you ask a dozen people that question you would probably get twelve different answers. But among those twelve answers you would also discern some similar traits. Most would probably agree that the ability to put aside your own personal safety for another is an example of courage. For others, courage is the ability to face adversity head on. Others would probably say, to them courage is fighting for your country when you may or may not agree with all the political or policy decisions that led to deployment. Still for others, it is the ability to take personal tragedy and meet it head on and then, continue life’s journey as best you can.

So whether you go into a burning building to save the occupants, have cancer and won’t give up, go to war and defend your country, lose everything you have in a natural disaster and rebuild again, I think we would all agree these are all acts of great courage.

However to me there is one far greater example of courage. It is the courage of an American Soldier, or any soldier in the middle of war to take a dying child in his arms and cry his heart out silently as he comforts that child with the warmth of his embrace. To openly show the love in his heart and soul as he feels that child’s life leave its fragile, ravaged body. To let that child know it was not alone in its final moments!!

Ever since I first saw the picture by Michael Yon of an American Soldier comforting a dying child with such care and tenderness, I have felt moved beyond description. His actions stand as a monument to all our soldiers stand for!! Thank you Michael for taking that picture and sharing it with us all!

God bless that soldier and all our soldiers!


~ by devildog6771 on May 4, 2005.

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