“American Soldier” has been injured seriously!!

American Soldier has posted on his blog that he was injured a month ago. Apparently he didn’t realize how seriously he was injured! So he tried to ignore his injury and tough it up!! His injuries are apparently serious enough he requires major surgery and even if he is ok after the surgery, his recovery time will be 6-8 months. His wife and family can’t be with him because he is quite a ways from home.

I have seen where other troops were injured seriously and people sent in donations to help the family so they could be there through the surgery. I know he didn’t sustain his injuries in combat. But he did get them while training for his redeployment to Iraq. He only had a short time left and was doing the countdown. I thought maybe, we, his followers could send donations to his family so his wife can be there for the surgery.

As I said, he was getting ready to go back to Iraq and was injured in training. He has a lot of followers. Lets see if we can all rally to get up enough donations so his family, or at least his wife can be with him for his surgery!!

~ by devildog6771 on May 2, 2005.

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