Terrorists in Iraq Becoming Desperate!!

As the Iraqi Government begins to fill Cabinet posts and establish the first Democratic Government in Iraq the terrorists have become desperate.They have launched an all out offensive nationwide attacking both the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Security forces.

The Suni, who boycotted the elections because they did not recognize the “puppet” government has voiced it’s complaints that they feel they are not adequately represented. Of course what they don’t acknowledge is the fact that the new interim government made allowances for Suni representation at the National Assembly’s own initiative.

This was a gesture on its behalf to include all Iraqi in the new Democracy. Quite a gesture on the part of the National Assembly. However, the Suni have not been cooperative. The Suni enjoyed great benefits under Saddam. I suppose they are concerned they will be in danger of retribution. Not that there certainly aren’t reasons for cause, but the National Assembly seems determined to include “all” Iraqi in the new Democracy.

The American MSM has made it their focus that it took the Assembly 3 months. I think the Assembly have made amazing progress. I mean what does the media expect. The Iraqi are under constant attack from terrorists attacks. The closer the Assembly gets to filling all the government positions the more desperate the terrorists have become.

They know they are losing. But fear of success in Iraq becoming a reality is a major threat across the region. Already in Iran the younger Iranians have been voicing their discontent for some time, well before the War in Iraq. Success in Iraq only adds fuel to that fire. In Lebanon, the Lebanese have asked Syria to leave after 20 years of Syrian “assistance.” The new Syrian government just appointed new members to replace pro-Syrian officials.

What about the other Arabic nations. Well, one can only speculate. One Iraqi blogger I read yesterday voiced his opinions that Egypt is the country that now needs to be “encouraged” to become a Democratic government. I think he may be right. But I think diplomatic means of persuasion may be quite effective now as the entire Middle East looks at Afghanistan and Iraq.


~ by devildog6771 on April 29, 2005.

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