Iraqi Government and the Sunni

What an interesting approach to putting a strangle hold on the new government. The Sunni refused to take part in the elections. The National Assembly in their attempt to form a fully representative government appointed positions for the Sunni to give them some representation. As far as I am concerned, they got much more than they deserved. Certainly a more humane gesture than the Sunni ever showed to the rest of the Iraqi people over the last 50 some years. But the Sunni aren’t satisfied. They still want to call the shots. They aren’t being given key controling positions. Of course that means they can’t force the new government in a direction that effectively gives them control again over the majority of Iraqi people.

I think the new government should have Sunni members. However, I don’t think the National Assembly ought to let the Sunni blackmail them or effectively put a stranglehold on the government’s ability to function. This is merely a delay tactic to cause popular unrest. See! We told you! This will never work!

They keep applying violent pressure. They refuse to compromise. Effectively the government is at a stand still because key positions needed to help the government start to rebuild Iraq are empty. Looks to me like the Sunni have been watching the American media and American politics and “learning.” They are using the same type tactics the Democrats have used on the Bush Administration for the last term of Office and the present term of office. They are showing how a minority group can bring a government to a functional stop. Instead of looking more closely at what they need to work on within their own party and fix it as they work toward the betterment of our country, they are dragging the “crying towell” out to new limits!!

Then whallah! Election time! Look at how ineffective the Republicans have been. Look at how little productive legislation they passed. Look at how they have made no efforts to improve the border safety. They haven’t really done a single thing to prevent another 9/11. Airline safety measures are ineffective. Filibusters and every type of investigative committee that can be thought of to cripple the present administration at every corner are used. Political appoints to key positions necessary for the successful functioning of our government have been stalmated as long as possible. Need I go on. The bottom line is a small group of people are so determined to meet their own selfish agenda that they will not compromise for the good of the entire country.

But amazingly, our government is still functioning. It is still managing to function and make some progress. We have helped two countries throw off the yokes of tyranny. We have waged a war against an enemy that wants to destroy us. The same enemy that wants to destroy Iraq. The same enemy that wants to destroy America.

But the Iraqi people will not be stopped. They want their new found freedom. They want a Democratic government. The terrorists think if they keep on killing government officials, the police officers, and Iraqi security personnel they will destroy the new government. They think if they continue to kill and bomb innocent civilians they will knuckle under. They want to destroy their will power

Think again! The Iraqi people have tasted hope. They have tasted freedom. They have tasted self determination. They have tasted the power of Democracy. Just like there are always those within America who will try to destroy our government from within, there will always be Iraqi who will do the same thing in Iraq. A small minority of people who will try to force their way of belief on the majority. They will try to force their moral and religious views on the majority. They will try to force their political veiws on the majority.

But in both cases these people have forgotten one thing. In a Democracy, they are allowed to flex their muscles every now and then. They are nothing more than a test of our way of life and government. Their very existance shows that the the process fo Democracy works. Because in America, or any Democracy, the will of the people, the silent majority will not stay silent for long. Democracy needs these people to have its complaceny checked.

Democracy also needs these different groups of people to make it work. Unlike those who would destroy Democracy because their views are inflexable and have no room for dissent, Democracy is about differences. It grows from those differences. It fails without those differences. All those fanatical and fringe groups can only function and survive if they use threats and intimidation and fear. They can only thrive if they destroy dissent. They can only survive with total control. They cannot survive dissent. Fortunately, all people will eventually rise up against any oppressor!!


~ by devildog6771 on April 29, 2005.

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