Akbar Trial

Sgt. Hasan Akbar, the soldier who threw a grenade into the tent of his “fellow soldiers” and then proceeded to fire at them as the paniced men exited their tent is in the penalty phase of his trial.

Sgt Akbar’s justification was that our troops would be killing fellow Muslims. If he felt this way, then why didn’t he ask for a waiver from combat as a matter of consciencous or for religious reasons. Better yet, why didn’t he ask for a dischgarge from the military. Why was he even in the military? I’m sorry, but as I read more and more about the Muslim extremist penetration into the very heart of America, I feel no sympathy for this “soldier.”

Again, he shows that these fanatics kill without compunction. He represents all that we are fighting against, extremism. I think he deserves whatever punishment he gets. He showed no mercy to those soldiers he killed or maimed. He deserves none himself.


~ by devildog6771 on April 28, 2005.

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