Military Supplemental Funds

If the Supplemental Funding Bill before congress for the Military is not passed today, the Army will be out of money. They will be forced to try to take funds from elsewhere. It is absurd that our congress would put such a burden on our military. What will this do to the morale of our troops? Will the Army be forced to delay pay checks much needed by military families? Will the Army be forced to take from their medical treatment. Where does Congress think this money will come from?

First the Presidential appointments for cabinet posts and ambassadorial posts were dragged out beyond reason by the Congress. Then there is a filibuster over judicial appointments. Some have been held up 4 years. Now the Congress is refusing to act on the Supplemental Funding needed by the Military. The Army is going to be left with no funds if the bill isn’t passed.

What the hell is wrong with the Congress. If the Democrats think all this petty muscle flexing will put them back in power at the expense of our troops and nation, then they better think again. I will never vote Democratic again.

If one single soldier or his/her family is caused injury or some form of unnecessary sacrifice or hardship because of the partisan politics the repercussions will be far reaching. More than the Democratic party’s bid to exert its waning power will be at jeopardy. Nancy Pelosi and some of the other fools presently in office may find themselves looking for a new job.

These selfish, self serving politicians are empowering the insrugents and terrorists. The dessinsion they are constantly sowing is feeding right into the hands of the terrorists. They know if enough dissent can be created that our wishy washy Congressional leaders will pull back their support strictly for their own political ambition. This is exactly what the Islamists are preaching world wide, Americans have no staying power. They never finish the job. They never stay for the difficult tasks, even if the tasks are the right ones to persue. Is our Congress going to prove these fanatics right? What a horrible shameful image of America.



~ by devildog6771 on April 27, 2005.

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