Distressing Personal News

Last night I was told some distressing news about the death of my nephew in Kuwait March 5, 2004! I was told my nephew did not die from terrorists ramming his vehicle. He was a passenger in the back. Supposedly the driver of the mini van made an illegal turn from the gate and pulled out in front of the fast moving Mercedes. This individual is now having trouble sleeping, can’t eat, and is drinking heavily according to a family member.

However, after the accident we were told none of the survivors remembered the accident at that time. Now here is what really torques me up. We were told the individual would not be tried for “anything!” The family, according to the Military cannot sue or press for charges because this reservist was on active duty and in that capicity he was a representative of the US Government and had Diplomatic Immunity! Neither can his employer, the Police Department, also a government agency.

My mom, my sister, and Mike’s wife may chose to believe this bullsh#t but I don’t!! Why would Kuwait send the widow a check for a substantial amount of money and invite them to witness the hanging of the surviving Iraqi from the Mercedes sedan that hit Mike’s vehicle if they weren’t at fault. Supposedly he was charged with speeding. Do you get hung in Kuwait for speeding when someone else makes an illegal maneuver that gets someone else killed.

What is all this billsh#t about Diplomatic Immunity. According to this statement every American soldier in Kuwait has Diplomatic Immunity as a representative of the US Government. Since when? There was also supposed to be several witnesses at the scene who saw everything. Why then did it take 6 months to investigate this “accident?” The guy having trouble sleeping, eating, and now drinking heavily may very well have PTSD caused by the accident.

By the way, the surviving Iraqi is still alive in jail. Another thing that puzzkes me is why the DoD keeps saying Mike isn’t eligible any of the medals for participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom because “Kuwait is not a combat zone!” A memo sent to all troops by DoD referring to an IRS memo which tells military men and women how to file their taxes in Combat zone lists Kuwait as a combat zone. So does the IRS memo.

I bet the troops leaving at DOHA and the other camps for Iraq in vehicles with blackened windows would also disagree. It’s not so much the medal as it is the principle. To me Mike’s death has been treated with indifference. A man died. He had a wife. He had four little girls 7 years to 7 months old when he died. He joined the Navy reserves after 9/11 in case his country needed him. Now he’s dead and his death has been treated with indifference.

His daughters are still having problems. His mother’s health has been affected. His wife and mom can’t discuss his death. He was a living being. Not just a number. If we have had all these problems, how many other families are also being forced to deal with the death of a loved one without a clear answer about their loved one’s death. Emails I have received tell me we aren’t the only ones. Forum comments from people tell me the same thing.

When our troops voluntarily leave behind their jobs, families, friends and the comnfort of their homes to protect and defend our country and its citizens, they deserve better than to have their deaths treated as a number. The families back home deserve more. Our troops are not the only one’s making the sacrifices. Their families also make great personal sacrifices, especially the reservists.

Instead they get poor medical services, delayed checks, no real support for the family. Illnesses from their active service severe enough to be discharged with poor followup. In many cases they don’t get a medical, but are constanly sick. Noone knows why. Their enlistment runs out and they are unable to work but can’t get service connected disability.

If the families live in a “milirary town” they might have greater support. The family members get togehter and do a lot of self support. They all look out for each other. Normally the troops are tight too. They look out for each other. That did not seem to occur here. Mike’s wife has been entirely on her own.

What a sad tribute to one of our troops!!!


~ by devildog6771 on April 27, 2005.

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