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I love to go to the Mil Blogs and read what the troops write. Some are especially good. 365 and a Wakeup is one of those really powerful writters! In reading through his archive I came across a post he wrote in April. He was expressing his views about photographers and journalists who will do “anything for a story.

I have long wondered why noone questioned how we would be seeing footage on CNN or some other network of a battle between our troops and the enemy and we would be presented a scene of the “enemy” that looked like they were standing out in the open taking shots at our troops like they were invincable. They would be burdened down with RPG’s and other weaponry.

All I could think of was were they just stupid or were our guys such bad shots they didn’t need to fear our guys. Well, as a USMC vet I knew the latter wasn’t the case. So what gives? How were these shots of the insurgents and terrorists so clear and close.

Well, 365, wswho has now been promoted to Captain, by the way, offers a clue! Go check out his article.l It is very insightful.


~ by devildog6771 on April 25, 2005.

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