When is “free speech” treason?

In my opinion when anyone collaborates with our enemies in a time of war, that is treason!! So keeping this line of thought in mind, why aren’t the actions of August B. Kreis considered treason or sedition? He has set up camp in Florida. He is publicly announcing through the CNN mouth piece that he wants to form an alliance with Al Qaida. True to form, CNN has aired an interview with Kreis telling the world and our enemies his intentions.

While I respect CNN’s job to report the facts, I am perplexed that they do not seem to offer the same zeal in reporting on American policies and troop successes. Now that journalism has become such a global entity due to the Internet, doesn’t the MSM need to look more closely at the impact of their journalism?

As far as August B. Kreis, go to the link and read his goals at present. Then you tell me, is he committing treason?


~ by devildog6771 on April 21, 2005.

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