More Reflections

Well, it’s time for more of my boring reflections! Have you ever been alone in a crowd of people? I don’t mean physically. Of couse you can’t be alone that way in a crowd. But you can be alone in your heart, in your mind. It’s like being anonymous. Or maybe it’s even a little like being an amnesiac.

You talk to people. Acknowledge their hellos and goodbyes. But in the end once you have left the room or area your presence isn’t really missed. You are anonymous. Totally disconnected from the people and conversations around you.

Maybe if you had felt more connected you might have made a memorable or significant contribution. You might have even been missed at your departure. But a distance that is always present seems to freeze your mind.

Put it in a holding pattern. Short circuit the synapses. You know you are expected to say something, but you haven’t a clue! You think if you just continue to be quiet everything will be ok. You’ll be able to pick up hints from the conversation around you, thoughts, ideas, something worthwhile to reply.

But those times when you most need to be that quiet listener so you can try to get your thoughts collected just don’t work. Someone else always hones in on you. They are going to make you talk. They are like a magnet! They are worse than that. They are bottonm feeders. They pray off the insecurity of others. So, I ask again, have you ever been alone in a crowd?


~ by devildog6771 on April 12, 2005.

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