Dear Soldier

Read on..Dear Soldier,

Sorry to be a little slow with my next letter. A lot has been going on of late. For one thing the Pope died. Since I am a Catholic, this is a very hard time for me. I went to hear him speak in D.C. right after he became Pope. As a new Catholic, it was a very special day for me. As a child I used to watch the Pope give Mass on TV at Christmas every year. The only thing I looked forward to more than his mass [different Pope] was a movie that came on every Christmas called “Ahmal and the Night Visitors.” All the cast sang! It was a beautiful story about a crippled young boy who was very poor. The three Kings stopped by his home to rest on their journey to see the Christ Child. Ahmal wound up following the Kings and if I’m not mistaken he was “healed.”

But one year, “Ahmal” didn’t come on. I thought I had missed it. When I checked the TV guide, I discovered it wasn’t listed! Every year afterwards I would watch for it to come on again. It never did. Then one year I read where someone at the studio found it. It had been misplaced but was in too bad a shape to show.

I was both sad and glad. Sad I woudn’t see it again, Glad that it was no longer being shown because not enough people watched it so the networks decided to drop it off the Chrsitmas schedule. Still, every Christmas I watch for it just in case someone decides to do a remake!!

Well, that’s enough nostalgia! Hope you are safe and have everything you need. I now how baby wipes and those things you wrap around your neck to cool off can provide some relief from the heat and the sand. Heard you guys really like that gatoraide too. One to drink and two because the empty bottle makes a handy thing to have on hand in the middle of the night. [ha ha]

I wanted to let you know that spring is really starting to rear its head. The trees have fresh light or dark green tips on the end of all their branches to show new growth. New leaves of various shapes, sizes, and shades of green fill the woods behind where I live. The empty dark silouetts of the bare branches have all been replaced with a carpet of green flecked with pink and white flowers. The trees themselves seem to stand a little taller as if to reach heaven ward and say look at me! Spread throughout are Pine trees with and all their new greenery tipping their needles. It is if they choreographed the whole event to some silent music only they can hear.

On the ground, the grass grows like it has been fed miracle grow. All the rain we have had this year has made everything seem more colorful. Throughout the woods on this bed of greenery are different little flowers that make the ground look like a patchwork quilt in the process of being made. Some have little blue flowes, others white, some yellow! All the colors you expect to see at Easter time as families dress in their finery to go the Easter Services. These are the same colors I see spread throughout the the floor of the woods.

Strangely, I haven’t seen a Robin yet. But I did see my first Bumble Bee. He was flitting from flower to flower like he wanted to make he sure got all he wanted before any other bees came along and he had to compete. I’ve seen a couple field mice. DEAD!! My cat “Baby” couldn’t resist. He brought them to my stoop and lay them there like a trophy to show me how skillful he is as a hunter. I really could have taken his word for it but who am I to interfere with nature?

I guess that while you are at war it might seem strange for me to write to you about spring. I just thought you might like to have a little of home shared with you to take your mind off the war for a moment.

Take care. Be safe. Know how proud we all are of your service. Know how greatful we are. Thank you! Thank your family! Come home safely soon. God Bless!


~ by devildog6771 on April 4, 2005.

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