A soldier’s final journey!!

Chance Phelps

“I told them that I had some of Chance’s things and asked if we could try to find a quiet place. The five of us ended up in what appeared to be a computer lab, not what I had envisioned for this occasion. After we had arranged five chairs around a small table, I told them about our trip. I told them how, at every step, Chance was treated with respect, dignity, and honor. I told them about the staff at Dover and all the folks at Northwest Airlines. I tried to convey how the entire Nation, from Dover to Philadelphia, to Minneapolis, to Billings, and Riverton expressed grief and sympathy over their loss.”

Read this moving account of PFC Chance Phelp’s journey home by the US Marine who was his military escort from Dover to Chance’s hometown and his final resting place. For those of you like myself who have lost someone in this war, I hope you will get the same sense of gratitude and comfort I did from reading this story. Please go to the link  and read the rest of this story. This story and the previous three were run by MSNBC.


~ by devildog6771 on March 31, 2005.

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