Terry Shiavo

I was shocked to hear a guest on CNN state this morning, “that I suspect she (Terri Shiavo) died 15 years ago!” That was a very insensitive comment. I am geting a little sick of all the back and forth intellectual, religious, and political dialogue about Terri Shiavo.

I appreciate that many feel the sanctity of marriage is being violated. But let me offer a different perspective. Does marriatal privilege give anyone the right to starve their spouse to death to comply with their wishes?

I could never starve my husband or anyone else so I could grant their wish to “die with dignity.” I disagree that a feeding tube is life support. If Terri had lost both arms would a feeding tube be considered life support? Life support is having a machine keep her heart beating or a respirator breath for her because her heart and lungs do not “function on their own.”

If the courts feel it is truly Terri’s wish to die, then why not allow the doctors to use a more humane means of abiding by her wishes than starvation. I don’t think anyone would want to die in the manner being used on Mrs. Shiavo.

The whole world is looking at our country right now. We just published our new human rights report. Does anyone really think the rest of the world can give any credance to our human right’s efforts when we as a country would allow a patient to be starved to death?

What really amazes me is all of those Evangelical, born again Christians and the other Christian groups who voted against the efforts of Congress and the President to proptect the rights of the individual. Does marriage remove a person’s individual rights under questionable circumstances?

In all the cases brought up as examples for removing the feeding tube, why does the MSM refuse to bring up the case pending in the California Supreme Court?


~ by devildog6771 on March 30, 2005.

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