Blair in the hot seat again over Iraqi War!

There is an article on the CNN web about P.M.Tony Blair. It seems some anti-war political leaders want to reveiw the documents from his legal advisor in entirety. Apparently, there was some vascilation over the legality of the war early on.

If my adviser was a yes man and didn’t cover all the pros and cons, I would “can him” for someone else. But why now?

Do the people in England and elsewhere protesting want to reinstall Saddam H. again? Looks to me like another replay of past World Wars. Many Europeans sat on their collective laurels until it was almost too late. Then they wanted their allies to come to the rescue.

Well, if Europeans care so little about the quality of their lives. So be it! Go ahead and let the terrorists and extremists take over your homelands. Go ahead and give up your freedom of religion, speech, the press and any other individual rights you all take for granted.

Just don’t come begging for help over here. We’re too busy fighting to defend our country’s rights and stopping terrorism.
We tried it the European way. For over seventeen years our people were killed by these fanatics. We endured resolution after resolution. Enough! September 11 was enough!

The major powers in Europe have mucked up the world enough. The biggest number of world hotspots are fledglings from their old colonial and imperial days.The locals were robbed of their freedom, rights, and resources until they finally rebelled. Case in point, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, the African Nations.
Look at the Congo and how the French are resolving the problems there??

Look at the way the Middle East was split up after World War I. Don’t you guys overseas think it’s time to help clean up the mess you helped create. Look at the mess in Central Asia.

If it wasn’t for the fact so many of the “nobility” that ruled in Europe in the past are no longer in power with their inter marriages within the countries and between the countries, Europe would still be back where the Middle East is today!

The European elite may be advanced scientificaly, economicily, and culturally, but they are still snobs socially when it comes to accepting their responsibilities to other nations except when it is self serving.

I’m not talking about all Europeans. I am talking about all those fools who are cowardly letting extermists take over their country. Pick up a news paper and read it and you’ll see it isn’t hard to see who they are. They’re the ones that use all those big politically correct labels and words to tell the rest of the world how to live. You know, those guys who never fight for anything unless it directly affects them or their pocket books.

We have quite a few of these types right here in America. They want to eat the cake but don’t want to get their hands dirty.


~ by devildog6771 on March 27, 2005.

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