Should we Bring Back the Draft?

Yes, let’s bring back the draft! Then we can watch the body bags mount like they did during Vietnam. We can invest millions in capturing and trying those that go to Canada and elsewhere.

As a Vietnam Era Vet, I remember the “assembly line soldiers.” I remember how many of them had poor morale. How many of them went to drugs to escape the horrors of war they were forced to fight! How many died because politics became more important than the welfare of our troops. How the greed of big businesses and politicians took precedance over the welfare of our troops!!

We don’t have the best trained Military in the world because of the draft. We have the best trained military because it is made up of young men and women who voulunteered to defend our country.

If you want to improve our military and increase recuitment, stop taking away their benefits. Give them adequate medical care. Look after their families. Take care of the wounded. Give them what they need to do their job.

No matter whether a draft exists or not, troop morale starts to dwindle when their benefits do not provide them a decent quality of life.

The long term cost in additional training, loss of life, managing the draft has to be far greater than simply doing the decent thing and providing a decent means for our present troops to get mediacl care and live above the poverty level as they have had to do for some time now.

So yes! Bring back the draft. Then we will lose the War on Terror!! Every American better arm themselves. We will no longer be safe in our own homes. Our whole way of life will be at risk. The terrorists will have scceeded in bringing us to our knees as Osama bin Laden said he would do by destroying us from within.

Check out an excellant entry on this topic at the Mudville Gazette, a great blog.


~ by devildog6771 on March 24, 2005.

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