Rights of the disabled??

As a disabled person I find myself afraid for my rights. Will I be allowed to die or be starved too if I become a burden to someone else. No matter what kind of will one has drawn up, it can be put aside.

Not one single media type has discussed the conflict of interest of this women’s husband. Granted he has had a hard time. But, he cannot re-marry until Terry is dead. Can’t he divorce her and allow her family to assume custody?

Does Florida law allow him to divorce his wife?

Now we have to listen to a litany on whether or not this is a Republican or Democratic issue. This is crap! What about the humane thing, or the right thing?? Have we become a country where adhering to political party guidelines is more important than human decency.

When the media does its polls, who do they poll? Have any of you been polled? This entire event has become a media circus with the media in a no lose situation!! All the media has to do is sit back and feed both sides fo the fire to keep its ratings high and profits rising! Now the media is trying to incite a public backlash over the Shiavo case to carry over to every other aspect of the President’s administration.

How much longer are the American people going to be sheep led around by the nose by the media? Why do we need the media to tell us what to think? I amk sick of every aspect of my life being dictated by media analysys!!


~ by devildog6771 on March 24, 2005.

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