Qatar and Kuwait under terrorists attacks

The last few days there has been much in the news about “terrorists” activity in Qatar. Qatar is one of our allies. They are a rather small and beautiful country.

However the government there has personally sponsered the network, Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is probably the most well known of the Arabic news networks.

Al Jazeera became well known throughout the world by publishing the video tapes of Osama bin Laden and the terrorists who killed Nick Berg. They aired these videos throughout the Arab world. They have also exhibited a strong slant toward the doctrine of the terrorists.

Al Jazeera was paid handsomely for airing the bin Laden tapes. I assume the video tapes provided by the terrorists of the numerous beheadings were also for a fee. However, as the insurgents and terrorists in Iraq begin to fail, they will look elsewhere.

It is only an obvious conclusion that they would move into Qatar. When the “Emir,” I believe he’s called, in Qatar offered his support to Al Jazeera, it was to allow them time to become self supporting. That didn’t happen and he again helped them with financial support so they might continue to operate.

I have read reports that Al Jazeera is for sale. One of the major networks was going to buy the Arabic network but that has not happened.

Unfortunately for Qatar, I am afraid their support and financial backing may have invited terrorists to flock there under the assumption they will be welcomed. While I cannot speak for the Emir and what his personal views on the ideology of the terrorists might be, I am sure he does not want them,(the terrorists), in Qatar!

The problem now is how will the Emir respond. His is not a Democratic government. However, from what I have read, his people are not particularly unhappy with his leadership. But, this whole situation certainly threatens both his continued leadership and the peaceful lives of the people in Qatar.

As far as Kuwait, well, terrorism is not a new thing there. But the government has preferred to downplay the true existance of terrorism while it quietly handled the problem. Two Iraqi terrorists rammed my nephew’s vehicle from behind at 100 mph and killed him on March 5, 2004.

This is only one example of a case where Americans have been killed. There have been numerous instances of Americans killed or injured by terorists in Kuwait.

Unfortunately, the Kuwaiti Government’s attempt to not give credance to the terrorists appears to have backfired as it has in many other Arabic Countries. All of these countries are now attempting to remove terrorists cells that operate within their respective countries and in many cases have infiltrated the governments and their military and even their police departments.

The terrorists and extremists have been quietly recuiting the young people and the disenchanted with surprising success. To make matters worse, the domino effects of the Democratic movement in Iraq and Afghanistan are beginning to be felt all over the Arab world. It appears the spread of democracy is now spreading faster than the spread of terrorism with a greater mass appeal.

As this trend continues, the terrorists and status quo are becoming increasingly more threatened. Like an injured animal backed into a cornewr, these two groups threaten to become more violent in their last ditch efforts to hold on.

One can only hope that as this democratic trend threatens to envelop the entire region the people can fight off the terrorists threats and those of the status quo without all out war in the region. So far this has been the case. It appears that many of the status quo leadership realize the dangers of ignoring the demands of the majority of their people.


~ by devildog6771 on March 24, 2005.

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