Terry Shiavo

This is a cruel display of political cowardice! I think it is time we looked more closely at our qualifications for our judges. Our judges have nearly made it a crime to pray anywhere but in the privacy of one’s home. While a minority of people walk around openly displaying their beliefs, the rest of America is pushed to the background.

The Klan, Neo Nazis, and any other fringe group have the protection of the Constitution. Illegal aliens, terrorists, and others can come here and voice their views, religion, political agenda, get free medical care, special loans for homes and businesses, and jobs by quota at state agencies. Not the majority of Americans!!

The majority of Americans can no longer practice the ideals of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness protected by the Constitution, because our courts systems has judges who more and more lean toward political ideologies that are anything but compatable with the Constitution or the will of the people.

Lately the System of Checks and Balances has not worked. in our courts system. That’s because noone has the guts to implement it now with respect to the courts. Seperation of Powers doesn’t mean one of the three branches is more powerful than the other. But our American courts would seem to feel differently. Its actions would seem to say so.

The seperation of powers was also intended to keep the courts “and” legislature in check too. It wasn’t just intended to protect us from the abuse of power of a president. But for too long of late, in America, we have assumed that the courts were the be all and end all of what is or isn’t legal under the Constitution. Our legislative bodies have been too busy playing partisan politics.

You want to know how men or women rise to power and take over governments. One only has to look at home in America. What we see happening in America in our courts and legislatures feed the seeds of radical discontent. One of the most telling statemants to me was a comment made by an elected official. His constituents had campaigned heavily to him about a particular issue. When asked about this issue he replied, “sometimes my costituents don’t always know what is best for them like I do!”

I think that statement says it all. Since the death of John Kennedy, American people have not had the same trust in the government it had before his death. The way the facts, hearings, and investigation results never matched was a telling moment in America. For too long the government has kept secrets, passed laws, and conducted its business without regard for the people. They have “protected” us. What a joke. They are protecting their own self interests!!

Maybe we need to pass some laws that give us a way to eliminate judges who abuse their power either for political purposes, cowardice, senility, or just plain bad judgement.

Maybe we need to elect an entirely new body of Senators and Representatives who respond to the will of the American people instead of the dictates of their political party. We need to appoint judges who realize they too are governed by the Constitution and the reasons for the seperation of powers is not so the Courts can run rough shod over the other two branches of Government unchecked!!

Judges and lawmakers better pay close attention here. More and more people are getting tired of the way our elected officials don’t do their jobs. They seem to think that the lobbyist and special interest big business groups are their constituents.

Well all you politicians, law makers, and judges, taker a closer look at the last two elections!! You’ve been served notice.


~ by devildog6771 on March 23, 2005.

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