The Right to die??

If Congress had not gotten involved we would not have seen Megan’s law and many other long over due laws passed that protect the rights and safety of women and children from predators.

Now we are faced with another very real and serious issue, when is it ok to allow a person to die with dignity? There are many considerations here that must be evaluated. One, and most importantly, the rights of the individual.

With advancements in medical technology we need to make sure a person is not being used for someone else’s agenda, such as organ donation, or greedy hospitals and insurance companies reaping vast profits.

We need to assure that these service organizations don’t rake in all the money they can then afford themselves the additional safety of the law to prevent challenges to their actions in a responsible manner.

We need to assure that death with dignity is equitably applied. It ought not be an option only for those with the insurance and money to pay. But it must not be used as a way to circumvent proper care to those unable to pay.

If in fact it is the wish of one to die because their existence in their final days are horrific pain they ought to also be allowed to make the same choice. If one is in a vegetative state and has expressed earlier wishes to not have life saving measures taken then their wishes out to be granted.

But these wishes must not be granted frivolously and without responsibility. We must assure that these people meet the true criteria for their individual situation to allow death with dignity.

This brings up another point. Starvation is not death with dignity. There are ways to humanly comply with one’s wishes in cases like these. It is barbaric that the death penalty is administered far more humanely.


~ by devildog6771 on March 20, 2005.

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