Help for Veterans {PTSD and other needs}

Please check out this information I received for Veterans help. I am including an exerpt from an email I received. As much as possibe I checked out the site and it is a legitimate help site for vets. It appears to be very thorough with step by step guides. Hope it helps.

“In the last two years, nearly one million U.S. service-members have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of how you may feel about the war, most of us agree that those service-members deserve the best possible care and treatment our country can provide. Unfortunately, in some cases, things haven’t worked out so well. Some of our service-members have fallen through the cracks, with reports of homelessness,trauma and suicide. According to the NEJM,as many as 15% of returning service-members from Iraq will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Thousands have been wounded, and those who were killed left families behind. Veterans for Common Sense has made available on the internet, and soon in print, a guide for returning veterans to help them navigate the available benefits and assistance available. Our goal is to make it as comprehensive as possible, to let returning veterans know of where they can get assistance if there are any issues with readjustment on their return home. The guide also contains a section for people who are looking for ways to support the troops, with links to organizations who are directly supporting the troops in the field. We’re trying to let as many people as possible know about the guide, and so we’re sending you this note in the hope that, if you are a veteran, you will find it useful, and if not, that you will pass it on. The guide is available here:

Or on our home page at

We hope you’ll visit, and pass this on tofriends, family, and others in your community.

Thank you,

Veterans for Common Sense

P.S. If you know of resources which should be in the guide, and aren’t, please feel free to suggest them by clicking on the”add resource” link.

Veterans for Common Sense
1101 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003″

Please, all veterans and their familes and loved ones, check out this resource.



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One Response to “Help for Veterans {PTSD and other needs}”

  1. Hello, I was just browsing your blog and was impressed at how comprehensive it is. I wanted to introduce the non-profit I represent. We are an a-political organization focusing on PTSD in Veterans of OIF and OEF.

    ONE Freedom, Inc., a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) organization, offers free workshops and programs to help veterans and family members with the reintegration process. ONE Freedom seeks to create a bridge between the veterans’ experiences of war and their way back home through education and skill-building. For more information, visit or call (888) 334-VETS.

    ONE Freedom’s “Strength after Service” training provides knowledge to OIF and OEF veterans and families on the effects of stress on the brain and body, and resulting symptoms like GI difficulties, chronic pain, irritability, anger or depression..

    “Today’s military trains a combat-ready soldier,” said Elizabeth Hawkins, executive director of ONE Freedom. “This translates to a combat-ready brain and body which is vital to surviving war. Upon returning to the U.S., veterans often remain vigilant and function at the same level of intensity they needed to survive in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

    Taught by Marine and OIF Veteran Dan Taslitz and stress expert Stephen Robinson, the two-hour sessions offer a new approach to issues of reentry into home, community and work. In addition to learning about the physical effects of stress, participants will learn skills to manage and reduce their own symptoms.

    We hope this information might be useful and helpful to your readers. If you want more information please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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