Ankle Bracelets for Sexual Predators??

I just listened to Mark Lunsford, father of murdered Jessica Lundsford speak on the news at CNN. He spoke of measures that ought to be enacted to protect children from the sexual predators. I think the best idea he mentioned was the use of ankle bracelets.

These people are required to follow a proceedure when they are no longer incarcirated so the courts and probation department can monitor their movements. Their names are supposed to be placed on the sexual predator list maintained by law enforcement agencies. They can’t just get up and move…or can they.

Well Couey did. And noone even knew he was gone. When he abducted and killed Jessica, that community should have known he was there if the methods in place for tracking these predators worked as it should.

A bracelet on the ankle would allow officials to always know where a such a predator was at all times. It would also instantly alert law enforcement officials if he tampered with the device.

Some might think this violates that individuals civil liberties. You can bet the American Civil Liberties Union will have their say. But I could care less what that organization thinks.

Any organization that takes away the rights of the majority to grant rights to minorities runs pretty low in my opinion poll. There is certainly a way for any minority right to be upheld without taking away the rights of the majority.


~ by devildog6771 on March 20, 2005.

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