America under attack from within..

Well, I’m starting to get over my slump. I’m also tired of all this newsy stuff. It’s not that the news isn’t important. It is. But it’s the same news day after day. As if that isn’t enough, you have to listen to the same damn thing over and over all day. The news has become much like the soaps that fill most of our day time time slots. If you miss a portion early on, just hang in there. You’ll catch it later. You ever watch General Hospital? You can miss several episodes and pick right up where you left off.

You wouldn’t think it possible that news networks could ever give off the appearance of a soap! But twenty-four hours, seven days a week coverage forces networks to come up with grand schemes to meet the ever increasing “war of the ratings.” The filler slots, with their arrogant, intellectual minions spewing forth all their opinionated babble is what irritates me the most as they profess to speak on our behalf.

But there is a new danger associated with our new genre of news broadcasts. For one thing, there is no longer a clearly defined line between fact and opinion. The two are heavily intertwined. Networks no longer have their unique autonomy of the past. Huge corporations own the networks. Several news channels are all owned by the same networks.

But if you look back into the deeper shadows of the networks you will find that the real threat goes all the way back to the people with money who own it all. The men of power and money behind the scenes. A few very rich people own it all. They control the networks. They tell them how to slant the news coverage. They make sure the men and women who present the news and special broadcasts express opinions and policies in line with their own political and personal agenda.

One major network is owned by the Saudis. Well maybe not entirely but they own enough that it would be hard to imagine their influence is minimal. Networks are influencing our politics. They are affecting our culture. By blitzing us with repetitive information day in and day out they influence the way we think. I am most concerned about the possibility of subliminal input.

When was the last time a crime occurred and the police did their investigation, arrested the criminal, tried the criminal, then based on the evidence, the person either went to jail or was released. I personally can’t remember. What we see now is a sensational media blitz of the crime. Over and over we are fed a constant dose of facts and speculations.

Then a “person of interest” is named. Or the police simply arrest the person indicated by the evidence. Then we get a steady diet of information about the victim and the accused. Family members, neighbors, school buddies, coworkers, and anyone else that can be found are dragged onto our homes by way of the media. The police now give daily news briefs from the moment the crime is committed until the case is resolved.

But first we are exposed to a blitz of information relating to the case that is not supposed to be publicly presented until the trial. But secret unnamed sources always seem to crawl out of the woodwork. It takes months and thousands of dollars to just get everything into court. Then there are the months of the jury selection process because it is almost impossible to find untainted jurists.

The constant media blitz of information on every aspect of the case has turned our judicial process into a media circus. Jurisdictions spend enormous amounts of wasted revenue because everything is turned into a media event.

Our political processes are not much better off. It’s bad enough we have to endure the partisan rhetoric in our political system that puts the welfare of the party ahead of the need of the country. Now we are forced to endure a media circus here too that is backed by the money and influence of a few wealthy who want to force us to live and view our lives in their narrow view of the country or the world.

Then we must endure the influence of the lobbyist who contribute millions to candidates to insure their personal agendas are enacted into law. By the time a decent politician gets above the state level, he/she is “owned” by these wealthy lobbyists. The individual American no longer has any influence in the very government that is supposed to be representing the needs of the common man/woman.

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~ by devildog6771 on March 19, 2005.

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