War protestors or Treason?

Blackfive Blog has some shocking entries, with supportive true accounts, of some disturbing behavior. In Seattle Washington, students invited three military supporters to what turned out to be a tasteless recreation of Iraqi women and others “our troops are killing” in Iraq.

In another discussion he has information about the anti war protests taking place tomorrow at Military bases in the United States. What is disturbing two fold is one, they chose Military bases and two, a speaker for the group in San Diego was heard proclaiming that an alliance ought to be formed between them and the Iraqi Alliance.

Now I may have missed something, I’m not always the sharpest person, but that sounds like treason to me. When I read the Constitution, I see no mention of allying with our enemy during a war being an acceptable expression of free speech or assembly. Nor does it fall under peaceful protests.

Have these people forgotten that about the 9/11 attacks or the seventeen years of prior savage attacks and subsequent brutal deaths our embassy personnell throughout the world? Have they forgotten that Saddam tried to assassinate one of our President’s.

Maybe they ought to have their citizen stripped away and then be deported to one of the countries where the supporters of the Iraqi Resistance come from and see first hand about arrociuties.

Assumption of Command also has some good posts and backtracks on this at:


Please check out both blogs.


~ by devildog6771 on March 18, 2005.

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