Terry Shiavo

I have some very mixed feelings about this case. However, my personal feelings are not the issue. Terry Shiavo’s feelings are the only one’s that ought to be considered. However, if she is as brain damaged as her husband claims and the doctors claim, how did she tell them eight years after the fact she wanted her tubes removed? How is she communicating her wishes to them all?

It is my understanding that this battle all started when he asked the tubes to be removed because before her present condition came about they had discussed their views on this matter. At that time she supposedly stated she would not want to be kept alive in a vegetative state. For over eight years (8) he never brought this issue up. So what changed to suddenly bring about his sudden memory well spring.

I watched her husband’s lawyer talk about how this was a political issue and how they ought to be ashamed. But he turned around and asked Democrats to effectively get off their butts and do something or they deserve to be the minority party. He is doing the very same thing he acusses Congress of doing.

What disturbs me is that her death is being brought about by starving. Why can’t an independant panel of doctors evaluate Mrs. Shiavo and determine if there is any way she can communicate her wishes, even if it is only by eye movement.

Every time I have seen her on tv her eyes do not appear without emotion. She appears to show love in her eyes for her family.What about the young woman who was unable to communicate for 18 years that suddenly started talking. Wasn’t she considered vegetative?

I don’t know what is the right course to take here. I find it a frightening thing to be alive and never be able to speak, move, or communicate. I find it even more frightening that if I were in this state and couldn’t communicate my wishes either way someone else would make this decision for me. With the advances in medicine occuring in the area of brain studies every day, I might very well prefer to be kept alive.

What is really the issue here is that our country ought to have means of caring for people like this and doesn’t. If a decision to end a life must be carried out starvation is cruel in the extreme to me. A death row inmate dies more humanely. Even a living will can be contested. So what is the answer? I don’t know!!

If she were one of my kids, I don’t think I could remove that tube or would let anyone else remove it either. I feel that I am being selfish here but as a mother I can’t feel any other way. Especially when I know there are so many advvancements occurring every day that could possibly make a difference.


~ by devildog6771 on March 18, 2005.

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