Robotics and war

I am all for the new robotic planes. I think in the long run that they are a safer and cheaper way to do surveilance, as long as we can get the error rate as low if not lower than what we would expect to occur from regular manned aerial bomb runs and serveilance runs. We must always strive for the lowest possible “collateral” damage.

I even like the idea of the new exo-skeletal outfits they are trying to perfect for our troops if it helps save the lives of our troops and provides them a means performing their jobs more efficiently and safer.

What I have a real problem with is robotic warefare. Once we get this “robot” army, what’s next? Will we take the next step and allow computers to fight our wars for us,too? Once warfare reaches this level will we also have lotteries on each side and after the computers fight their computer generated war will we then have chambers where based on our established numbers of reasonable deaths in a given situation have the names drawn on the lotteries go into these chambers and be killed?

This would cut down on the distruction of cities. industry, and homes. It may possibably even give the world a lower kill rate on both sides? But at what cost!

When war becomes dehumanized what is the incintive to continue to keep negotiating to “prevent” war. Maybe I am too much of an idaelist. But, I believe we can eventually end wars. However, until that time arrives, we must avoid war at all cost but the cost of liberty and freedom for people. In other words fight when all else fails and we are given no choice.

I know many disagree with me. But many years ago when I told some friends I could envision a unified Europe and ultimately a unified world under one representative government, I was laughed at. We now have an European Union.

When we can learn as nations to fight the wars of poverty, disease, and famine together and help underveloped nations become free and prosperous then I believe we can end wars. I don’t think I will live to see that day. But, I pray my kids may see it.

But if we dehumanize warfare, we doom ourselves to failure in this endeavor. People who have nothing to lose do not fear war. People who have nothing to lose will not put a halt to the fanatics and radicals before they do their damage.


~ by devildog6771 on March 16, 2005.

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