More memories of another time…

Things greatly improved for the students at San Diego once we were moved into our own building. Of course we did have a bit of food stealing but as I said before, some doctored pudding took care of that little problem.

I was again trying to get our barrack’s cat to drink some Bali High wine with me and some friends one day when I got bored with the whole thing and decided to go take a nice long bath. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I figured I had plenty time to worry about that decision.

But at that moment a bath seemed like heaven. Since most everyone was out on liberty, I could take as long as I wanted. No rush! So I got out all my clean clothes, shampoo, soap, razor, deodorant and whatever else I needed, and set them on my rack. Then I changed into my robe and carried my stuff into the bathroom and turned on the water.

I got the water temperature all set, and went and made myself some tea. When the tea was ready I took that into the bathroom. I locked the door, tossed the rob aside and climbed into that nice, warm soothing bath water. I had this really nice calgon or bubble bath poured into the water so I just lay back and sipped my tea as I soaked in the tub. I was in heaven.

I finished my tea and added some more hot water. amd leaned back again to continue my soak. Life couldn’t get any better than it was right then in that tub of hot water. As I began dozing I noticed something didn’t feel right. But I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Then I could hear voices in the hallway and it sounded like feet ponding on the floor. God those guys were nuts they were running up and down the hall with a ball! There was always some silly thing or other going on as long as we were careful not to let the DO or DNCO catch us.

From Bali High parties [not allowed] to pop corn and movies, baking, shaving creme fights and other dumb stuff, we always had fun. It seemed sometimes that because of the war we all were a little crazier than one would expect; but, then so was everyone else, especially the guys.

Next thing I knew the whole damn tub started to shake. At least it seemed that way to me. The water was sloshing funny and I didn’t move it. There was this rumble and more shaking and I thought the whole damn building was coming down on top of me. I stood up and started to get out of the tub. As I grabbed the towel everything shook some more. God I thought, I’m going to die in this stupid tub and they’ll find my skinny ass naked body sitting in a tub of water and debris.

For a moment it was like I was paralyzed. What to do, just run out naked with the stupid towel; or, dry off quick and dress, then make a run for it! Finally I decided, I don’t know what’s going on but I am not going to be found naked . And, I am not going to run outside in a towell and have it turn out to be someting really stupid and make a fool of myself in front of everyone!!! So I dried off quickly, got dressed and out the door. I started down the hall for the door to outside. But then I remembered my wallet and started to go back for it when someone grabbed me by the arm and pushed me back toward the door. As they pushed me they yelled to me and anyone else they saw it was an earthquake. Everyone had to get outside quick!

Well we went outside. The rumble and ground trmors continued for moments more but by then they weren’t as severe. Finally they stopped. Everything was checked out and we were told we could go back inside. Well, I went inside , got my things in the bathroom and took them to my room. I put everything back where it belonged and went to get my wallet and it was gone. Some low life had stolen my wallet and all my money. Damn! Not only was my nice bath messed up, I had been robbed. This was not one of my better days. A foiled bath, my first earthquake and my wallet got stolen. About six weeks layer someone found my SS card laying on the ground near a dumpster and turned it in to the office. Never did find out who stole it. Never got anything else back. But at least the earthquake wasn’t as bad as it could have been or then someone might just have found my skinny ass in a tub of water and debris. So, I decided things could have been worse and never left my wallet in my room again.


~ by devildog6771 on March 16, 2005.

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