Khatami speaks out on Irans nuclear program.

Khatami says, according to Al Jazeera, that Iran’s nuclear program is for “peaceful energy use only.” So if that is the case, why does Khatami also say his country needs to be able to protect itself from attacks from outside.

If Iran isn’t developing nuclear technology for bombs then there should be no problem All it needs to do is allow the UN inspectors in to see what they are working on.

I am sure the UN inspectors can tell the difference between power plants and bombs. Although, I will conceed that, lately, the UN has a serious credibility problem! See below:

“‘Khtami condemns ‘military pressure’Iran’s president has said that wealthy nations cannot keep today’s technology for themselves alone and that Iran must be prepared to defend itself if necessary.”

[edited for clarity]


~ by devildog6771 on March 13, 2005.

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