A paradox!!

We are at war with a cruel enemy. An enemy that has no compunction in killing innocent women and children. This enemy will kill its own people if they feel that they can frighten them into seeing that their way is “is the only way.” Terrorists have even resorted to “bombing Mosques during funerals and killing their own people.” So how do you deal with people like this.

How can the coalition forces obtain intelligence from a people that has no compunction to behead publically their captives. When they send suicide bombers to blow up police stations and lines of innocent people whose only crime was to want a job, how do you deal with them.

These people have no fear of death. They do not respect individual rights. They use terror and bombs to do their talking. They are fanatics in every sense of the word. They are also murderers. They killed over 3,000 people on 9/11. All over the globe, especially in poor countries, ethnic clensing is used.

The people the terrorists kill are unsuspecting people. They are peoples of all races who do not think as they think. The terrorists take the Koran and doctor it and use it as a mantra for their cause. They write books that are training manuals for making bombs. They write books to tell potential terrorists how to infiltrate a country, blend in with that country’s people, marry, even have kids while they wait to be activated.

These terrorists can be your really nice friend next door. You would never know it. They build charities and Mosques and use them to front their activities. They are active in the community.

So once you have one of these people in custody, how do you gather inteligence from them. They do not adhere to any standard of human decency or the laws of civilized mankind. Some even send out instructions from their jail and prison cells.

The UN is making a big mistake. It passes resolution after resolution but never follows up on them. Then you have France, Germany, Spain and other countries all heavily voicing total opposition to the coalotion efforts.

Every attack, kidnapping and subsequent beheading is intended to split the coalition forces. Italy apparently just paid $1,000,000.00 to free a journalist from Iraqi terrorists. That money is now buying bullets and bombs to kill more Iraqi and Coalition forces.

Every bomb and bullet should have “bought by Italy” stenciled on it somewhere. Then anyone killed with war materials bought with that money can have their name sent to the Italian Government. The letter should say Italy bought the weapon that killed this individual[s].

So, getting back to my point, since I strayed a little there, how do you interrogate people like these terrorists when nothing about their behavior meets any acceptable standard of human behavior. How do you get this intel without becoming the enemy you are fighting.

I don’t have the answers but I will say the present Geneva Convention standards will not work with these people. If the UN ever got its act together maybe a centrel intelligence group under the UN could be established to oversee the incarceration and questioning of these terorists. Just a thought!!


~ by devildog6771 on March 13, 2005.

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