Sonny Boy

I want to discuss something off beat right now, but very personal to me. I have this cat, Sonny Boy. Sonny Boy came to me under very sad circumstances. Sonny Boy was owned by this couple where I live. He was an alcoholic, she was manic depressive and a crack addict.

Sonny was a big beautiful grey and white tom cat. He walked with a little limp because his back hip was injured by a car. It healed itself because Tom couldn’t afford a vet. Sonny was afraid of cars after that.

He also didn’t like noise or raised voices because there was a lot of fighting sometimes at Tom’s. I could always tell when money was low or there was fighting at Tom’s because Sonny would come and stay with me.

Tom was in construction so sometimes he was out of work. But if he ate then Sonny Boy ate. Sonny’s favorite food was cereal because that was what he and Tom ate most often. So anytime you held up a bowl near Sonny he went nuts. He thought you had cereal for him!

Tom and I became friends. I never knew his wife that well. But often Tom would get me to give him rides as he didn’t have a car. He always gave me gas money so it helped me out too. As time went by we talked a lot, especially when he was drunk. About the time I found out the rides I gave him weren’t to his employer but the local crack house, I had him convinced to go to AA.

Tom gave Sonny Boy to me because Sonny spent a lot of time with me. Every day he visited me then went home. Tom knew I loved cats so he gave Sonny to me to make sure he had a good home. But I never tried to stop him from going to Tom’s.

Everywhere Tom went he took his Rotteweiler and Sonny follwed. It looked like a procession. The dog loved the cat and the cat loved him. The cat loved Tom. So they all three were often seen walking along in this funny procesion down the street.

One night about 2:00 am I heard gun shots. I was sitting near my window on the computer when they sounded. I knew right away it was at Tom’s. He had been laid off for a couple months so all he did was drink and he and his wife did crack. So when the gunshots sounded, I knew it was Tom.

I cut off all the lights. Made sure my kids were safe then called the police. Then I checked outside through a cracked door to see if the killer[s] were gone. Once the car was gone I ran over to Tom’s to see if I could help.

He lay there dying with noone doing anything to help. His wife was screaming and everyone else just stood there. So I started screaming out instructions. I treated him for shock and had pressure put on his gunshot wounds. He tried to breathe but his breath was gurgly. I kept trying to tell him he would be ok to just hold on over and over. Finally the ambulance came and took him away. He was dead when it got to the hospital.

Tom’s family decided to let me keep Sonny. Sonny loved to sit on my lap. He was so lovable. I don’t think he ever had a lot of real attention. So whenever I gave him a treat or bowl of milk, he was so happy. I would take a brush and brush him all over and he would sigh, at least as much as a cat is able to sigh!

Sadly a couple weeks ago, Sonnyboy disappeared. I have looked and called for him but he doesn’t come. I know something bad must have happened to him or he would have come home. I have driven all over the neighborhood looking for him and calling him. If there is a place in heaven for cats I hope if something bad happened Sonny is with God. But I sure wish he would come home to me.

Now in the grand scheme of things, Sonny’s loss may not seem so very important. But to me it is a very shattering experience. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a non-family member at a very young age, I still find it hard to trust people. But my cats are different. They give and receive unconditional love. So though I know I probably will not see Sonny again, I keep my vigil and pray he is ok.

update: Nov.24, 2006…Sadly I never found Sonny Boy. Nut, I think about him and pray for him all the time! Just be happy Sonny, where ever you are. I miss you!


~ by devildog6771 on March 10, 2005.

2 Responses to “Sonny Boy”

  1. I had cats when I had my babies. I never had a problem. I just made sure the cat was never in the room with the baies when they slept.

    They usually adjust. But, unless your kids have asthma, I’d get another one.

    Just make sure you get it spayed or neutered when it’s old enough so it won’t laeve those little calling cards.

  2. I have told you before and I am telling you again. You can make me tear up and smile. I feel for you. I am sorry about SunnyBoy and hope he is safe. I had a special cat at one time. He was “MY” cat. He tolerated my older sons as they were here when I got him. Morris was his name due to the fact that I am a huge Michigan State fan. “MO PETE” is what I called him. I got pregnate after I had gotten MO PETE the vet advised me to get rid of my beloved cat. He was afraid of what MO PETE would do to my baby. He was very jelouse of the attention I would give anyone. The Vet said MO PETE would hurt my baby (possiably). Could not take that risk. So I had to get rid of my cat. I feel the pain daily. Have not gotten another animal sence. That was three years ago. CRY. Not the same but it is a loss of a very cherished cat. ( I didn’t even like cats till I got MO PETE)
    I miss him

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