Giuliana Sgrena deliberarely targeted??


I am Giuliana Sgrena!’ I have been held hostage by terrorists for weeks in Iraq. I was just freed when my government paid an enormous ransom. As my body guards and I get into our car to head for the Iraqi airport it just occurred to me that we better haul ass. These guys just might try to recapture me and ask for more money. Worse yet, they might still behead me. Jesus, there’s a roadblock.

Don’t stop. If they’re behind us we’ll get caught in the crossfire.
Haul ass. Italiani! Italiani! My God they’re shooting at us!

Sounds more plausable to me. But what else is wrong with this picture? Ms. Sgrena works for “iL Manifesto,” an Italian “Commuinist” newspaper. By the way, has anyone debriefed Ms.Sgrena? I imagine not.

So, here she is crying foul. She’s doing a great job of causing a rift with one of our biggest coalition allies by the uproar she’s causing in Italy!! She has successfully averted the question of “a ransom.” I would be more interested right now in knowing more about her captivity and if Italy payed a ransom. If they did, she just put it to them too!

Just another possibility. I’m tired of the bad raps that keep bogging down our troops! If our guys break the law, ok we will handle it. But a trend has been developing now for quite a while. This is all part of the propaganda campaign to help devide the coalition forces and maintain America’s poor rep in Europe.
Enough is enough. Has common sense and independant thought both died or what?


~ by devildog6771 on March 8, 2005.

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