Cutting Vet Benefits??

I just read the most absurd story I have read in a while. Dan at the Iraq War Veterans.Org posted an article on the forum there. It seems we have a couple fools in Congress who would like to cut the veterans families, veterans, and reserve forces benefits.

I guess we have some of the same people in our government now that we had during Vietnam. They won’t be happy until we wind up with another bunch of vets living in the streets because they can’t afford to get help. Or maybe they want the body count to be in the thousands again because we can’t keep our trained personnel in and can’t get enough volunteers so we have to go to the Draft again.

You can bet if the draft is initiated again we will lose our highly trained armed forces. Men and women don’t have the same attitudes when they are forced to fight, when they are given no choice. Assembly line soldiers. I remember those guys that were shipped through MCRD SanDiego.

At times it reminded me of seeing cattle delivered to the yards. All loaded up on cattle cars. They were reluctantly prodded out the door, down the ramps, through the fenced corrider to the holdiing areas. I assume they were deliverd to the slaughter areas in the same manner.

If I sound cold or callous, well, there’s good reason. Because all of these things I am talking about are true. Then the politics started in and that caused more of our men to die. Well this isn’t Vietnam. There is no comparison despite what the media and many politicians would have us all believe. This is an out and out damn war.

It’s been going on for over 17 years. These people want to kill us or destroy our way of life. They would be content to let us live if we became fanatics like them and professed to follow their version of “Allah.”

Frankly I can’t see myself wearing something that covers me from head to toe. I have never been real good at being an “obedient” little woman. I do have some experience with being a second class citizen though not as much as our Black Women. But this is the life al Qaeda would have the whole world live.

Anyway, enough of my soap box. Read the article below. Then go to the “Protect Veterans Families, Veterans, and Reserved Forces Benefits [PVFVRFB] at the link to the right and cast your vote.

“March 04, 2005
Lawmaker questions military value of entitlements
By Karen Jowers
Times staff writer
A Illinois lawmaker who is in the Naval Reserve is asking for an analysis of the “real” military budget – beans and bullets – as opposed to support costs for military families, veterans and retirees, “which gives next to no defense benefit to the United States.”
That remark, made at a March 2 hearing by Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, R-Ill., is the latest grenade to be lobbed into the growing fray over whether the rising cost of benefits for non-active duty members is squeezing out money for warriors and warfighting in the Defense Department budget.
“People look at the $400 billion [budget] and they have this idea it’s all helmets and bullets,” Kirk, a Naval Reserve intelligence officer who has served in Iraq, said at the hearing of the House Appropriations subcommittee on military quality of life and veterans affairs. “And hundreds of millions of dollars – billions, actually – has nothing to do with the defense of the United States.”
Pentagon Comptroller Tina Jonas acknowledged entitlements costs, to include personnel and health care, is “significant and growing,” now consuming about $128 billion – nearly a third of the annual defense budget.
“Obviously, people are a very important part of what we do, but it does pose particular financial challenges,” Jonas said. “When we expand benefits, as Congress has done in the past as well, it causes particular challenges. We’re looking closely at that.”
Kirk asked for an analysis of what he described as the “real” military budget – money for operations, ammunition, weapons procurement and other core warfighting functions – and costs for dependent and retiree support, which he said provide “next to no defense benefit.”
Kirk expressed concern that entitlements for nonactive-duty personnel are growing so fast that they are “going to crowd out the pay and equipment for soldiers who are actually on the front line.”
Democrats on the subcommittee strongly and swiftly disputed Kirk’s views. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, noted Kirk’s statement followed similar recent comments by David Chu, under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness.
“I would suggest that we are at war with the Iraqis … We are in a war on terrorism,” Edwards said. “We don’t need to declare war on our military retirees and American veterans, saying they are hurting our nation’s defense. That is the implication of that comment.
“You can’t ask these young men and women to make the incredible sacrifices they make, go fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and come home and have us turn our backs on them and say, ‘Health care programs and military retiree programs have no military value,’ ” Edwards said. “I find just the opposite is true.”
Young troops being recruited “watch very, very carefully how we treat our veterans and our military retirees. If we break our promises to them, they see it quickly,” Edwards said.
Scrutinizing program costs is valid, “but I just couldn’t disagree more strongly that entitlements programs for military retirees and vets have no military value,” he said.”


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  1. Hey thanks airbornevet. I appreciate that. really engoyed your blog. Not sure why my email didn’t work unless I made a typo. I have an idea though, so I’ll check it out.

  2. Thanks for all your comments on my page! I tried emailing you, but it didn’t go through. I’ll be sure to check out your blog on a regular basis.

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