In Memory of Michael

One life lay suffering in his bed, waiting for his final journey home;
One life lay quietly sleeping in his bed, his journey just begun;

From the moment they both met, a bond was formed between them;
A bond that only they understood, a shared unspoken understanding;

Over the next few months that bond just grew, giving comfort to both;
The one derived a growing sense of peace, the other a warm feeling of love;

On that last day when the one slipped away, at home at last;
The other stayed behind, too young to comprehend what they had shared;

And as these two accompanied each other on their individual journeys;
We all watched in awe and respect the growth of unconditional love.

Over the next few years our grief for the one began to lessen;
Our hearts began to mend, our sadness replaced by many fond memories;

Over these same few years the other grew into an amazing young man;
He had shocking red hair, a face full of freckles, and an insatiable curiosity;

He was such an uncomplicated young man, so full of love;
With a contagious spirit and zest for life, he brought out the best in everyone near him;

There was such joy in everything he did, and we all loved him dearly;
Both our parents doted on him, it was hard not to;

And his Mom and him shared a loving bond that was beautiful to watch;
My brothers and sisters and I were crazy about him, we couldn’t help it;

He grew up in our home as one of us, and he was this pesky little boy who made us all feel so adored.
He had an astounding mind, even his teachers were amazed;

He put his heart and soul into everything he did, he had so much he wanted to do;
Like his uncle he went into law enforcement, “it was a family tradition;”

He married and had four little girls, he could change diapers better than any mom;
He never missed a chance to show them his love;

He was a Police Officer, a Mentor, a Rock Singer, a Song Writer, his talents were many;
But it was his role as a good Father and Husband that he most wanted to be known;

He took “his girls” everywhere he went, he was a father in every sense of the word;
He never was too tired or busy to take time with them, or read them a story;

He told them and showed them in every way, every moment of each day;
But with all he gave to his family, he still found time for his mom and grandmother;

He was a loving son and grandson, and a good friend to both;
He loved to spend time with each, letting them both know how much he loved them too.

After 9/11, he answered God‘s call and joined the Navy, he wanted to be ready if needed;
He answered the call and again gave his all, only this time he too took the final journey, he is now at home;

Two lives are now at home, both sitting at the side of their Father;
One pathed the way many years before, saving a place for the other to come;

Now they are both looking down from above, both clothed in an aura of love;
Keeping watch over us all, from so very high up above.


~ by devildog6771 on March 3, 2005.

One Response to “In Memory of Michael”

  1. Once again you have givin me smiles and tears. You do wonderful work. I visit often, Please keep up the great work.–>

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