A tribute to our troops!

Honoring Our Troops:

“Well Into the Night”

They gave their lives in defense of their country,never once faltering at their tasks. Heroes in every sense of the word, these brave souls have done as we asked.

They gathered their gear and went to the front, young men and women with fear on their faces, Soldiers with courage in their hearts, they set to their task, they began the hunt!

Through desert sand in a hot unfriendly land, they marched to the cadance of soldiers past. They fought our enemy, one by one,outgunned, outmanned, they fought to the last.

Noone can say that these brave soldiers, young men and women fron all walks of life, Didn’t do their duty as they had been taught, with courage, honor, dignity, and pride, they met the challange of war, head on, they marched into the midle of the strife.

But not all our soldiers died on the battlefield as we know it, some were taken by thieves in the night. These thieves came, as cowards do, in the shadows of darkness.

They came and took our innocent friends and families, and yes, our troops, not as honorable soldiers answering the call of their God and country; but as crazed, angry men with hate in their hearts, seekers of power, position, and personal agendas.

They owe allegiance to noone, including the God they profess to follow; Though their war was begun many years ago, they escalated their campaign one morning in September.

They blend into the crowds like a second skin, suicide bombers, young and old; misguided murderers who like to pretend, they fight for freedom and Religion.

They put bombs on trains and under cars, they strap them to women and children; noone is safe from their depraved behavior, they ram our troops cars from behind, attack randomly from the shadows, all in the name of their holy Savior.

Yet through it all, with heads held high, and pride in their hearts, our soldiers continue to rally and fight; As one comrad falls, and another steps forward, they continue the fight,well into the night!

As I wrote this, I take credit for it….periodically I may add or make changes….hopefully improve it…..seeker


~ by devildog6771 on February 14, 2005.

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