The Iraqi Election.. More killings

Well, we are getting to the home stretch and things are really heating up in Iraq. Bin Laden has written a thirty page plus letter supporting Zawaqari[sp] and indicating the need to focus their efforts on Iraq and disrupting the election. I have read in different media, I believe even Al Jazeera, that this has not gone over well with many in Iraq as both bin Laden and Zawaqari[sp] are both foreigners. The Iraqi hoopla is over the fact that bin Laden’s support is for an outsider. Saddam has sent out his call for his loyalists to do everything they can to disrupt the elections. The main aide to Sistani has been assassinated along with his body guards. This is only one of many bombings and killings.

CNN spends all its time interviewing people who support its wholely negative view on anything to do with Iraq. They discuss how the election can’t be considered legitimate when a major portion of the population appears to be not participating. They continue their diatribe on to how this is all a reflection of President Bush’s failed efforts and policy in Iraq. Then they moved on to place blame on Secretary Rumsfeld and Assistant Wolfowitz. The brought out how Iraqi citizens can’t make good judgments at the polls because they are uninformed on the issues and the candidates.

Along comes one of the candidates, the Security Minister. They asked him about the violence and how it would affect the election. When he mentioned how Saddam and his loyalists and bin Laden and his letter supporting Zawaqari were stirring up more violence and that not holding the elections as scheduled would cause collapse in Iraq, the reporter cut him off and changed topics. When he asked about how many people would be turing out and how they didn’t know the issues or the candidates, the Minister started talking about all the places he personally want to hold speeches, the reporter again quickly redirected the topic.

Here was a golden opportunity for CNN to be a non-partisan part of the Iraqi election process by allowing a candidate to express fears over the outside influence of bin Laden and Zawaqari and the push by Saddam’s loyalists at his prompting to disrupt the Iraqi elections. Here was a chance for CNN to allow a candidate to let the Iraqi people know what was at stake from an Iraqi candidate’s point of view if people don’t vote. Here was a chance for CNN let the Iraqi people to listen to all the interim government was doing to ensure “all” Iraqi were able to register and vote. Here was a chance for all Iraqi people to hear a candidate say that no matter who the citizens voted for it was important that all Iraqi register and vote. In other words a chance to be a part of the very process of informing the Iraqi voters that CNN said wasn’t occurring and CNN squandered that opportunity by redirecting and continually keying in on every negative aspect of the up coming election that they could think of. It was obvious the Minister was too polite to let the reporter know how irritated he was with the continual re-direction of the reporter’s questions to topics that would give answers that fit their negative view and narrow view of the Iraqi plight. It’s really a shame the “most trusted name in news” doesn’t act like it is trying to earn that title much less keep it!!!

But, despite the narrow view of Iraq by CNN and others with tunnel vision, I believe the Iraqi people are beginning to gain their own momentum.


~ by devildog6771 on January 13, 2005.

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