joebangbang’s first poem sent to me…

Here is “joe’s” first poem that he sent me. It, too, is untitled for now. I want to share it also. I think it is important for us all to know how our troops feel and what war is like for them.

so i stand before myself once more
soul torn from my flesh
lying dead in the floor
my mangled form struggling to hold on to what i’ve lost
my life is an empty grave
the streets we walk are paved in politics
it’s almost enough to make me sick
force feeding these people the american dream
only to make our ideals seem more apealing to them
but all in vein
they aren’t willing to fight for somthing they didn’t ask for
and like me are being whored out to fight for something they don’t want

written by: joebangbang


~ by devildog6771 on January 13, 2005.

4 Responses to “joebangbang’s first poem sent to me…”

  1. This is my brother who wrote this poem. I just discovered this tonight as well as the articles you wrote about him. I have a few questions for you. Is there anyway that i could email you or something? And thank you for sharing my brother’s poem. I miss him so much.

    • He was a great guy. WE all loved him dearly! We think about him often and miss him. I was sorry to hear his dad had passed away. You have our deepest condolences and best wishes.

  2. Your response is very interesting. You have obviously given much thought to your response. As a veteran I must disagree with one remark. I was never submitted to act as an automaton. The convictions I held when I served were already entrenched in me when I joined. I still believe in them over forty years later.

  3. A gutsy and thought-disturbing poem. . .moving this reader to ponder the eternal question, “Is there no better way to achieve peace and promote freedom?” There is something to be said in allowing a nation to choose its own dreams. But, until their citizens determine what those dreams are and are willing to fight for them themselves, methinks they will remain victims of foreign powers. The same sad scenario can be applied to the soldier who allows himself to be placed in harm’s way by his government, which crams “the dream” down his throat along with its violent method(s) of achieving it. Until he can come up with a better dream, better methods of achieving it, and the willingness to fight for it, he will remain a victim of those who have power over him.

    It is a fact that there is “safety in numbers” and I believe that if a more peaceful option was available, most people would abandon violent methods in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, not enough people are currently willing to embrace the dream of “true peace”, simply because most know that evil still lurks in the heart of mankind. And people still “fear” evil. As a matter of fact, they fear evil so much, they are unwilling to band together and rally against it, simply because the only thing that will kill it is unconditional Love for one’s fellow man, which includes every human being on our planet. But, how can you unconditionally love those who you feel confident would sacrifice their very own lives in order to kill you and all your loved ones? The mere concept seems preposterous and totally insane, does it not?

    Allow me to interject here what I mean by the term “true peace”, which is: “Peace without Fear”. As it stands right now, such a state is impossible, simply because we have not conquered fear itself. We humans are cowards-to-the-max in that regard. Our will to survive fights with our will to love all mankind unconditionally; therefore, we rally the troops against those whom we fear may be capable of killing us physically. Should we ever get to the point that the majority of us can even remotely conceive what Peace without Fear feels like, we will be on the road to realizing what the better dream should be, and the only weapon we will need to achieve it.

    Unconditional love is what keeps families together. As much as we can hate the things our loved ones do, we can still find room in our hearts to love them. It is when the love stops that the friction between us begins. It is the friction that causes war and converts it into the dragon we feel we cannot slay.

    Mankind on the whole is no different. We are all part of the same family of humans. Until we can find it in our hearts to love every single one of us unconditionally and without fear, the friction will remain and the dragon will roam the earth.

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