Some History of the region that is impacting..

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our efforts. Please read the information at the links below and it will help us all understand why the Iraqi are not fully behind us.
Pay particular attention to the way the allies devided the region and then also devided the “oil” in Iraq from the end of WW I until 1958.

Also, please read the posting I made just before the “MOSUL” posting. It discusses a court case where 9/11 families sued and won where Iraq was determined to be involved with the terrorists. But you read it and form your own opinion! I have sent this article to CNN several times to several different broadcasters and asked about their lack of coverage. To date, as far as I can determine, CNN has not responded on air or read my email on the air.

I have also sent countless emails to CNN because I feel they give out too much information that helps the terrorists. They have never read those emails on air either as far as I can determine. This is confirmed by comments made to this effect by the terrorists. They consider the media a prime source of intelligence!

CNN has also downplayed a story I heard them mention one time. That was a public appeal by Saddam H. recently to all his followers to step up their efforts to resist American efforts in Iraq.

The American media, including CNN has also done little reporting into the story that Saddam H. planted explosives and weaponry all over Iraq and layed out a plan of action to his troops and followers as to what course of action they were to take to resist Americans if America attacked and captured him.

I wonder how much has to do with the opinions of Ted Turner. He was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer the other day. Blitzer mentioned Ted’s anti war feelings and asked him how Ted Turner liked the way things were being reported on CNN.

I can say, for myself, I find the coverage on CNN to be anything but unbiased. I feel they constantly undermine American support of the war efforts by all their negative reporting. They are the terrorists best ally, be it unwillingly or otherwise!!

“During World War I, The Ottoman empire collapsed when British forces invaded Mesopotamia in 1917 and occupied Baghdad. Before they succeeded, the British forces suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Turkish army, the siege and surrender of Kut. An armistice was signed with Turkey in 1918.
[edit]The British Mandate Period Iraq was carved out of the old Ottoman Empire by direction of the UK government on January 10, 1919, and on November 11, 1920 it became a League of Nations mandate under British control with the name “State of Iraq“.
At the end of the war, ownership of and access to Iraq’s petroleum was split five ways: 23.75% each to the UK, France, The Netherlands and the USA, with the remaining 5% going to a private oil corporation headed by Calouste Gulbenkian. The Iraqi government got none of the nation’s oil. This remained the situation until the revolution of 1958.


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