Rumsfeld – Myers Press Conference

Mr. Rumsfeld and General Myers just gave a press conference about the attack at Mosul. Though they said fourteen “+” of the “provinces” are basically peaceful and only four aren’t, the media seems determined to ignore this. hey offered condolences to the families of those killed. Mr. Rumsfeld also discussed how he feels about each and every loss we have incurred.

The Secretary also discussed that the intelligence indicates the bomb was carried by a “suicide bomber.” The media want to know how this could happen. Where have they been? This is going on all the time in Iraq and elsewhere in the world! Why do they think the President took the war to them? He wanted to keep this type of thing out of the U.S.

The media focus on the interview was highly focused on the fact that the bomber got into the compound and how this could have happened. The media also commented again on the armor plating.

I have a question I want the ask the media. [ or maybe a couple questions] Did the U.S. get a letter in advance of the 9/11 attacks so they could begin to step up military equipment production? Did Congress, likewise, read this letter and re-appropriate enough money for the military to get all the necessary equipment ready for our military to use when it responded to the attacks on 9/11?

Of, course not. We did not chose the timing of this war. This administration did not slowly deplete our military budget over the previous administrations. This administration also did not allow the terrorists to attack us at will for over seventeen years unanswered..

One last thought. War is hell! Our troops, unfortunately, experience casualties. But, how many American casualties would we encounter if the terrorists were allowed to fight us on our own soil. Let’s not forget, this war is not just about Iraq or Afghanistan! The terrorists are all over the world. They are determined to spread their terror worldwide. They are determined to kill us and they will bring the fight to our shores if we don’t stop them now.

Finally, I am sick of hearing the media say this is George Bush’s war and he wanted this war. What absurd crap!! Do we need to go back and look at the 9/11 tapes to remind ourselves why we are in Iraq? Why does the media continue to say there was no evidence of Iraqi involvement?

I have sent them a copy of an article about a court case where the judge determined that based on the information presented, Iraq was supporting the terrorists. I have also posted that article on this site.

Well I have to go. I’m getting angry and feeling frustrated with the media irresponsibility.

~ by devildog6771 on December 22, 2004.

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