The “Canoe Crew”

While I was at Quantico, a bunch of us used to play ball for a local civilian ball team. After the games we would all go to downtown Quantico and have something to eat and drink a few beers. We also started going to Breckinbridge park. We would drink, sing songs, cook food and camp out for the night.
One night while most of us were asleep, one member of the group got drunk and decided to take this boat docked at the pier for a ride. The boat wasn’t ours and it was chained to the pier. When she got into the boat, she was so drunk she rocked the boat too much and everything in the boat fell in the river. There were paddles and life jackets just floating down the river. When we heard the splash of water, the rest of us knew right away what had happened. We ran down to the river and pulled her out of the boat, tipping the boat in the process. After this incident someone started calling us the “canoe crew.” That name stuck with us for the remainder of our time at Quantico.


~ by devildog6771 on December 17, 2004.

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