Ramblings from another Christmas

One Christmas I decided to make my own pumpkin pies. I went out and bought this huge pumpkin. I had no idea how much I needed so a big one seemed a safe way to go. When I got home I showed my pumpkin to my friend Mrs. Kiser. She was a really nice older lady who loved to cook. Well, Mrs. Kiser said, “How many pies are you planning to make? That thing will make about six pies! I didn’t want that many pies so I cut the pumpkin in half. Then I cut one of the halfs in half again. I gave one quarter to Mrs. Kiser, the half to my neighbor right next to me because she had six kids, and kept the last quarter for myself. Then I asked Mrs. Kiser how to make my pies. Following her suggestions I got this mix to make the crusts and the seasoning for my pies.
That evening, all my ingredients all laid out, I began to make my pies. First I had to cook the pumpkin then carve out the inner meat. That would go in the pie. I mixed all my ingredients in a pan and cooked the filling tasting it as it cooked to make sure I got the seasoning right. When the filling was done I started making the shells. The first two shells came out fine. They fit the pie pan perfectly. And when I poured the filling in to the right level and then made my scoring around the top, I thought wow, I really did good! As it rurned out I had enough pumpkin for four pies. So I began to make the shells for the last two pies. May it was because I was tired or maybe it was because I got too cockey over how nice the first two pies turned out. But for the life of me I couldn’t get those last two pie crusts to turn out right! They would stick to my hands or tear in the middle. Or one shell was too big and one was too small. But I was determined to get them right. I finally got crust number three done, poured the mix in and scored the shell. It turned out ok but that damn fourth pie crust refused to cooperate so I got mad and tosed it in the trash and drank the remaining filling. It tasted like a pumpkin milkshake!!


~ by devildog6771 on December 17, 2004.

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