I’ve got a “fly” in my soup!

One evening I went to the chow hall for dinner. When I walked up to the chow line I checked out the line to see what smelled so good. Looking down the line I saw we had fresh soup. The Sgt. in charge of the chow hall liked to make soup out of the leftoevers so he didn’t have to waste food. It was always pretty good. So I started loading up my tray and when I got to the soup I got myself a bowl. It smelled delicious! Then I went and sat down with a few friends and started eating my dinner. When I got ready to take my first spoonful I soup, I noticed a “fly” in my bowl. Now that was sickening. I took the bowl up to the mess Sgt. to show him. I quietly urged him over to me and whispered to him, “Sgt. H, there’s a fly in my soup!” He looked at me calmly and smiled. Then he leaned in closer towards me and said, “Don’t tell anyone else. We don’t have enough to go around!” As I walked over to the tray return area I heard him laugh.


~ by devildog6771 on December 17, 2004.

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