A childhood Christmas memory!

One Christmas day when I was about five or six years old Mom was fixing Christmas dinner. Dad was at work. My younger brothers and sisters and I were busy playing with all our wonderfull Christmas presents from Santa. Mom was out of something she needed. She asked us to stay in the living room playing. She went to the neighbor’s to borrow what she needed. It was salt or something small that she really needed.

Mom was only gone for a few minutes when I noticed smoke in the kitchen. It wasn’t too bad at first. Then it got really bad. Instead of yelling out the door for help, I told my brothers and sisters to grab the toys and take them outside. We had quite a pile of toys outside when my Mom came out of our neighbor’s house and started toward our house. I don’t remember if I saw her coming. But, boy did I know it when she got to the porch.

She was so upset!! There were these toys on the front porch. We were still going back and forth to get the rest. The house was full of smoke! My Mom was ran inside to the kitchen. She made us wait on the porch. Finally she came back and aired out the house. The glass Turkey Baking dish in the oven had broken, and; the grease had caught fire. Once the fire was out My Mom made us take all the toys inside. Once all the toys were inside, she fussed at us for not calling for help.

Then she explained that we could have died from the smoke. She explained that our safety was more important than the toys. She told us the house could have burned down killing us all. Then, she gave us a “reward.” After that, we no longer had a question about what to do next time. You better believe if there was ever another fire in the house, “I” knew what to do!


~ by devildog6771 on December 15, 2004.

2 Responses to “A childhood Christmas memory!”

  1. Thank you Darren. I appreciate all comments and critiques. Lol, but I do so love to get comments like yours sometimes. Please visit again.

  2. Arpita, thanks for the comments. I’ll try to post some more stories. At times, with all that is going on, it is hard to remember the good memories.

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