Arrival at Parris Island

The day I went to my recuiter’s office and took my oath I was so proud! Now I was a Marine. When the day came a week later for me to leave, my mom took me to the station. I knew she was sad. I could tell. I saw her watch me leave and I knew she was crying. I also knew she didn’t want me to know. So when I said goodbye I tried to keep up a brave face. I didn’t want her to see me cry either. It took forever to get to South Carolina. But when we got there we stopped at this place and ate. For $2.00 I had the best and biggest breakfast I ever ate. I had coffee, toast, eggs, ham, grits… God it was so good. Had I known then what was coming I would have ordered a second one and taken all the time I could to eat them both..Without everything piled up in the middle of my plate!!! Finally the bus from the base came to take me and the others to Parris Island. On the way I practiced saying my service number like the Recuiter told me. Boy was I gonna dazzle them..I knew it by heart!! I got off the bus when it stopped with a big smile on my face and saw the Drill Instructor. I walked up to her , all cocky , and told her my name and service number with a huge proud smile. That was one of the last smiles on my face for eight weeks. By the time she got through yelling at me with her face up in mine, it was all I could do not to piss my pants. But I was determined she would never see me cry and I would not piss my pants. And then it all began. Eight weeks of hell!! That damn recuiter lied…Or at least he lied by omission.


~ by devildog6771 on December 8, 2004.

5 Responses to “Arrival at Parris Island”

  1. This is fake. You should be ashamed. You are not a Marine.

  2. I must apologize. I assumed this was a recent enlistment. However, based off a google search of that user name at the time when this story takes place boot camp was in fact 8 weeks. My mistake.

  3. I don’t mean to be out of place, but Marine Corps boot camp is 12 weeks of training and the first week stacked on for receiving. So that should be 13 weeks of hell if you count the week before you meet your actual DIs

  4. Ok, you asked for it! Read on! Thanks for the encouragement! lol–>

  5. So what’s the rest of the story? 🙂

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