“Jihad Jane” by Russ Vaughn


Recently I wrote a story about Jane Fonda and her road trip across America in her bus powered by vegetable oil. It seems that Jane’s recent apology to the Vietnam Veterans was nothing more than promo for her book. Or, maybe we should have taken it as an indication of things to come.

America’s War Veterans most hated symbol of the Vietnam War protestors is at it again. This time, though, she better be careful. Unlike Vietnam, this is a formally “declared war.” Regardless what a bunch of Socialist fanatics and extremists in America would have the public believe, “WE ARE AT WAR!”

Osama bin Laden declared that war over 20 years ago. Our government ignored his “Declaration of War” until 9/11. Then President George Bush, with the approval of an absent minded Congress, in accordance with a UN Resolution, replied in kind. What makes so many people ignore this fact is we are not at war with a country; but, an ideology and a bunch of fanatics who want to destroy us. If necessary they will destroy themselves in order to spread their fanatical ideology world wide.

Mr. Bush didn’t wait for these people to back come back and hit us again. He hit their compound. Then he hit Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein, who had granted asylum to bin Laden in Iraq and allowed bin Laden to set up training camps in Iraq. This was set up before we even attacked bin Laden’s Al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The two, Saddam and Osama, were also making WMD’s in Sudan.

BY the way, in the past month I have read many articles in the MSM, at home and abroad, about all of the above events. I guess the MSM archives can’t be accessed by the MSM now. It is only open to those private citizens willing to do a little digging I suppose!!

I received an email from Russ Vaughn after he read my comments on “Jihad Jane” with a poem he wrote about Jane Fonda. I have copied the entire email, with his permission, except for email addresses. It was an excellent poem, as usual. It was very to the point. Thank you, Russ, for sharing your poem! I loved your poem.

“Jihad Jane

With a hat tip to Ollie North for the title

What a prize to show for her life of toil,

A bus that runs on vegetable oil;

To keep it running will prove no strain,

Run a fuel line from her peanut brain.

As once again she shows us all

How wrong we are and how we’ll fall.

She’ll grant no quarter, cut no slack,

Get her picture taken on a camel’s back.

Jihad Jane will show us once again,

She’s smarter than all the President’s men;

I doubt Sun Tzu could tell us more

Than Jihad Jane when it comes to war;

She’ll save the world, bold Barbarella,

More wily and wise than any Army fella.

While she fancies herself truly Machiavellian

A more apt description is piggy Orwellian.

It’s true Jane could write an encyclopedia

On fooling the drooling mainstream media.

Princes of primetime breathlessly follow;

Sputum she spouts they eagerly swallow.

Trumpet her tripe as trustworthy truth,

Pushing her pap down the throats of our youth.

Reporters will climb right on down in that sewer,

Covering every mile of Jane’s veggie-fueled tour.

While wiser minds wait, holding their breath,

Warily wondering just how much death

All her agitprop antics will incite this time,

And whose lives will be forfeit for one fool’s crime.

In most scripts of life, we become wiser with age;

But this airhead actress cannot get to that page.

So she’ll be well remembered, as well she should,

As the dumbest damned broad in Hollywood.

Russ Vaughn

2d Bn, 327th Infantry

101st Airborne Division

Vietnam 65-66″

~ by devildog6771 on August 17, 2005.


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